Paintings 2017 – 2019

The Imagined Garden 48x38cm .2019. Acrylic on board
The Imagined Garden 1. 46x33cm. Acrylic on board . 2018
The Imagined Garden 8. 48x38cm .2018 Acrylic on canvas board.
The imagined garden 5. Acrylic on board. 48x38cm. 2018
Arrangement # 6 Mixed Media on Board. 46x33cm. 2018
A field. 30x26cm. 2018
Arrangement 4. mixed media on canvas. 46x33cm. 2017
Place. Acrylic on canvas. 38x30cm 2018
The Imagined Garden 5. Acrylic on board. 46x38cm.2019
The Imagined Garden #13. 46x38cm Acrylic on board 2019
The Imagined Garden 4. Acrylic on board. 46x38cm 2019

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